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Dragging my family on a photography excursion...

So it's Easter Sunday, a lovely, Easter-y sort of day. I've done a ton of walking in London lately, so I managed to convince my better half to drive all over hell's half acre to take pictures in another location, Goderich, Ontario. I've been to Goderich before, but I've never really paid all that much attention to the houses, frankly, but I was very pleasantly surprised. We drove for almost 6 hours, and it's only an hour away. Boy, my family is a bunch of troopers! But I did get some pretty amazing shots. We trawled the local 'hoods for houses, and even visited what seemed to a be a relatively abandoned train yard, although it looks like they're trying to renovate the old train station. Goderich, in my opinion, is a real champion at preservation, so many of their old buildings and homes have been lovingly restored and used for homes or businesses. It also survived a major tornado about 5 years ago, of which we saw no sign on this particular trip.

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