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Easter Monday... and a little insight as to how it all began...

I'll start of with a photo of a lovely house on Victoria Street, it's right near one of the big, beautiful parks in this fair city... this was from my walk this morning.

Incidentally, it likely seems strange that I'm walkin' along, just snapping photos of houses in a city that I've lived in my entire life. There's a shortish story about that... I was in New York City fairly recently, and well, it was totally awesome, of course. I haven't traveled much in recent years, you know, life's not all about me now (insert eye roll here), so travel, my life's passion, has taken the back burner since the wee ones were brought onto this big green(ish) earth. Anyway, I digress... this trip to New York brought out the shutter bug in me again. I took hundreds of photos and started posting them online (see my instagram account: for a detailed list of photos). This renewed my very old love of photography once again... and as I mentioned earlier, travel is at a premium these days, so I make do taking photos around my city and the surrounding areas. Each morning I walk and snap... walk and snap. Occasionally I drag my poor unsuspecting family along with me... (see yesterday's blog entry).

I live in a beautiful area of the city, London, Ontario, called Woodfield, it's close to the downtown area, so I can walk everywhere I need to go. Here are a few more shots from today's wanderings...

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