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An Old Dodge and Some Old Houses...

It was a truly exciting day. The sun shone brightly during my walk. The flowering trees are in bloom, what could possibly be better (no, don't say it!). I decided a mini road trip was in order. I went to a nearby town, St. Thomas, Ontario. It's about a 25 minute drive. No matter how short the drive, leaving town always seems exciting (I told you I didn't get away much anymore!! lol). Well, it's been a very long time since I've been to St. Thomas. Wow, how it's grown! And the historical architecture is remarkable. As I was driving down one of the major streets there, I actually gasped when the old train station came into view! I'll put a photo on here in a minute. This train station is mighty impressive, built in 1871-1873, I won't try to recount the entire of history of it, here's a handy link so you can learn more about it:

I got so many gorgeous shots of some of the houses in town. I'll include some of them here also. Let's just say I was impressed with St. Thomas. I'm proud that a town will do as much as they have to keep it's architecture so well maintained and preserved and also using the spaces so proudly. They obviously have a lot of pride, and I can see why. St. Thomas, I will be back, you have been warned!!

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