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Turkey Hat (yeah, you read that right)

So, ROAD TRIP!! I decided to go to Paris today!!! Yes, folks, a dream trip! Paris, ONTARIO! Now, I didn't know what to expect, I've never been there. But WOW! I really loved it. Despite the monsoon rains I endured... it rained. And rained... and then it rained some more! It really put a damper (ha. ha. See what I did there?!) Anyway... I generally head for the centre of town, you'll find the heritage buildings down there for the most part. As I found my way there I noted homes and buildings that I wanted to get back to once I'd found a parking spot. Parking spot found (free parking! Who says Paris is expensive!!). I set forth... right away I felt such excitement only an architectural photographer will know. That excitement in the pit of my belly. That giddy feeling... the beauty was easy to spot. Off I went, in search of ancient builds. I found the Public Library first. A simple beauty. 

I found the Public Library first. A simple beauty.

This is the view of the River Nith. I love this "behind the scenes" riverscape. 

This blue beauty was almost too good to be true with its slate mansard style roof. 

This gorgeous home really stood out too--I'm sure I heard the tires squeal when I stopped to snap a pic of it! 

This sweet gingerbreaded porch really caught my eye (the house is below). 

Gorgeous home, a small Regency style red brick. 

This beauty had a twin next door. Loved this place. It's sort of townhouse styled, I loved this. 

This was next door. Also townhouse styled, but with an addition!

And a close up of the beautiful ornate porch. 

I really loved Paris, and will definitely go back. It's a lovely, nice-sized town, with a quaint, welcoming downtown area.  Also, I found out that it is named, not after it's bigger more beautiful sister, but after the gypsum found nearby that is used to make plaster of Paris. There ya go, you learn something new every day! 

Oh, and P. S. Turkey hat? You were maybe wondering about that? Well, as I was driving a driver in front of me hit a big huge wild turkey. It bounced horribly off their vehicle onto mine. I said to my phone "Hey Siri, make a note for me, "turkey hit"", so I wouldn't forget said "turkey incident", Siri then responded dutifully with "I made your note "turkey hat"". And there I knew I had a blog title that would go down in history. Bye all... thanks, once again, for taking the time to read. 

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