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Rain, rain go AWAY already...

There's moss growing between my toes now, I'm sure of it! I've never seen the kind of rain we got yesterday (except when I lived in the Dominican Republic, we'll discuss that at a much later date), crazy monsoon-like downpours. And it's raining again... I didn't much feel like walking today, but I still got some steps in. I walked about 8km today, I like to walk a minimum of 8 because then my body doesn't seize up like the tin man in The Wizard of Oz. I had to deliver some prints today and as I waited at an eternal (seeming) red light, an old rusty sign on the side of a building caught my eye. So when I got home from doing my delivery , I strapped on the camera and walked back in search of it. I couldn't get the best angle of it because of course I was on the sidewalk and there was a building in front of it. Anyway, it's very cool, here's the shot I managed to get:

I wish there was a way to get the whole sign in. It's on a busy street so I can't stand in the middle of the street for fear of, you know, death!! Lol anyway, this kind of shot is my favourite, with crisp outlines and a focus on the amber and brown colours. 

I got this gorgeous dude today! Seriously, could it be ANY cuter?! I'm going to start including my vignettes with the photos now, because of high demand! LOL 

As Lloyd drove down Richmond Street, he could feel the wind whistling through his strawberry blond combover... 😂sorry, I couldn't resist! Love this old truck so much!! Sally had finished her shift for the day... "517 donuts,", she murmured to herself, " that's gotta be a record!!"...

I wandered along Dundas Street where the S curve used to be (now it's just a boring old straight line🙄). There are swarms of people on this end of town. An eclectic bunch, and an eclectic area. Lots of thrift stores and the pottery guild has their workshop, studios and shop there. Here are a few shots of that area:

Seamus bent to pick up the coin he saw on the gum pocked pavement, as he knealt to pick it up he saw her across the busy street... His heart skipped a beat...

It's so colourful! And yes, to answer the question that's been asked of me many times, I do edit my photos, some I edit more than others, of course, to get the desired effects. I love colour and I love some of the filters in the app that I use, Snapseed, it's my favourite editing app. Editing my photos is actually one of my favourite parts of the photography process. I love seeing the crisp photos ignite with colour. Everyone's style is different, I love bright colour and stark, crisp contrast in photos. 

Isn't this really, genuinely the funky(est) find?! Love this shop front. 

And this is just adorable. The pottery store is amazing, as most of my peeps know I have a small (read: LARGE, or YOOGE, as trump would say!!) addiction to pottery! If you ask nicely, they'll give you a tour of the studios and their facilities, it's really quite fascinating. Silk Road sells thrifty finds. They used to sell these to-die-for wool rugs from Afghanistan (um, another addiction!) but I haven't seen them in years there. 

So you've let me go on (like you had a choice!) and talk about almost nothing... I promise I'll talk about something super profound tomorrow, like world peace or something. Nah... just more wandering... 

Thanks for reading... if you have any questions at all, contact me through the site. I'll build up a series of questions people have and do a whole entry on them, or a topic you'd like me to discuss. This blog is a work in progress... talk soon internet peeps.

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