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A new 'hood.

So yesterday was a new 'hood to wander. I finally finished a lot of Woodfield and Old North, which is my neck of the woods here in good ol' London, Ont. I've had a few (most passionate) pleas to stalk the Old South/Wortley Village area. It's as quaint as it sounds. The Villagers are very passionate about this area. It's like a little town, with easy access to almost all amenities (maybe all, I'll have to keep stalking them to find out!!). I set out on my walk... I pass through our downtown area on my way to Old South, downtown is filled with the "all sorts" that downtowns are readily filled with. I got some cool shots. 

This was shot from the front of the old public library (you can see that in the carved wording of course). I spent the better part of my childhood in this wonderful building... I learned to use a computer here (apple computer with their iconic rainbow 🌈 apple symbol!), I watched The Creature From The Blue Lagoon in 3D here, I saw Sharon, Lois and Bram in their little theatre space, I bought many crappy cups of the hottest fake chicken soup on the planet from the vending machine in the basement (anyone else remember that stuff with the overly green flecks of "parsley"?!). So many good memories there...

Our illustrious One London Place. One of the tallest buildings for many, many miles around. It gives us a reflection of our daily weather. 

The Wright Lithographing building. I adore this red building. I could stand and take pictures in front of it all day (there are more in the gallery section of this site). My mother had a studio in this building in the 80's. We used to love visiting her studio. She used to do her amazing calligraphy here mostly. 

This facade is a real stunner. The mansard peak (my new obsession--mansard roofs!). 

This beautiful red brick facade. 

When I made it to Old South I knew I had my work cut out for me!! (Don't worry Villagers, you'll see me stalking again!) There are so many beautiful, unique houses in this tight knit community, I couldn't possibly finish it all in one day. 

I can't put them all up here so here are a few for your viewing pleasure... 

Robin ran to the front door, she'd seen the Canada Post truck from three blocks away, today was the day!

The gable detail is astonishing. The colour and details are so beautiful and well preserved. 

Sabina folded the last of the Irish linen napkins. And then she heard the knock at the door... 

This window is just so pretty and then they amped it up with another beautiful stained glass piece. Gorgeous. I love when people love their homes. 

What had she been thinking?! There were 20 guests coming for dinner, not 24... 

She peeked her head out of the cozy warm blankets... nope, Selma would not be leaving her bed yet! 

This church doorway though!! I love the colours, what a welcoming entrance. 

It's finally spring here London! Yayyy!

Another fascinatingly adorable entranceway. 

Matthias finished pouring the last of the precious liquid into the bottles... he'd gotten 3 whole bottles of the golden stuff this season--maple syrup. "Mmmmm," he thought. 

Michael sat back on his laurels... this was life he'd worked so hard for, he thought, as he straightened his silky red velvet smoking jacket...

Mary heard the newspaper hit the front porch... that was the official sound of her day starting...

I just love this happy, sweet little shop front. The Village Tail on Wortley Road. So charming. 

So that's just the beginning of my Old South travels... This is a charming area of the city with so many different houses. The charming and elegant yellow bricks, the regal, forthright reds and the sweet unassuming craftsman styles... bungalows, apartments, mansions, you get it all in Old South. The shops, libraries and the giant newly renovated YMCA... I will visit this lovely 'hood more -- you've been warned Villagers!! 

P. S. This was an epically long walking day, here are the stats from my Fitbit for proof!!

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