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Weekends are far too short...

Well the weekend is over! Whoever invented such short weekends should be fired, I say, FIRED!! Perhaps I just enjoy hanging out with my family a little too much...  Saturday we wandered, on foot, to the Western Fair Farmer's Market. It's fairly close to our house. The majority of the walk is through the Old East village area. There are so many beautiful houses and buildings through there. I got many wonderful shots of the 'hood. And also a great shot of a rug shop upstairs from the food market area. Anyone who knows me, knows I love rugs almost as much as houses! I nearly fell over when I saw this market stall. There was drool, I'm sure, dripping greedily from my chinny-chin-chin. Anyway, I satisfied my rug-ish urges with some gorgeous pics of the richness of the colours and textures in the little tiny shop stall. Anyone wondering about this little shop should just go in and visit on a Saturday. The prices were reasonable, and the selections was great! 

Aforementioned Rug Shop--upstairs in the Western Fair Market

Piles o' Rugs (aka heaven on Earth)

We left the market and headed for downtown... kids in tow... it was such a sunny bright day and it was a pleasure to finally be outdoors and not see snow and not to be cold, finally! I snapped happily while the kids skipped alongside us. When I stop to take pictures, they hover around looking up at what I'm snapping (read: kids make better doors than windows!). It's a good exercise in noticing your surroundings. We chat and discuss the buildings, it's a great way to get talking with the kids, I love it. It was such a sunny beautiful day. As I've mentioned in a previous entry, taking photos with a full sunny sky is a bit tricky, it makes really hard lines and highly contrasted photos. And pointing the camera toward the sun to the shady side of the street is a tricky, dark shot. People are anxious to see photos of certain houses, but I'm at the mercy of the sun (and cars! Darned cars!!). 

The beautiful understated Palace Theatre on Dundas Street. I just loved the blues... so pretty. 

This house is amazing! This is My Sister's Place

This is how blue the sky was and just to show what amazing weather we got. 

More blue skies... one of my followers on Instagram told me I should join The Cloud Appreciation club, and I quote: "Yes, there really is such a thing". 

This is H.B. Beal's front entrance. A beautiful doorway. 

All in all we had a great day. We had to take a trip to Toronto to visit family on Sunday. We took the long way home! Will (my better half) is so patient and stops for me to take a picture of any old house I want!! The highlights were Burlington and Woodstock. Burlington was a beautiful town--right on the water!! Daughter says she wants to move there--I almost agree! 

Some house photos, and as promised some of my accompanying vignettes. For those of you wondering what a vignette is: ] It's a short, descriptive passage that's more about evoking meaning through imagery than it is about plot.[

Ursula combed her long beautiful hair... when she glanced in the mirror, that's when she saw how white and wispy it had really become...

She twirled in front of the mirror and kicked up her foot... Kaitlin loved to watch herself dance!


Off to Woodstock next... ever closer to London (what normally is a 2 hour drive took us almost 6 hours! Lol, a time-consuming project I've undertaken!). When we drove up to the houses I was once again stunned... I couldn't believe how massive and beautiful they were. It was getting late, so I didn't get as much in as I'd like, but I'll go back. Also, one of the most beautiful houses had a massive SUV in front of it. People! MOVE YOUR CARS! How dare you park in front of your own stunningly GORGEOUS houses!!! I'll have to go back and stalk their house when they are at work! I refuse to take a picture with a car in it--unless it's a cute bug-eyed Dodge of course!

Irvin and Sasha looked sadly at the papers spread in front of them. All those years boiled down to a pile of papers.... 

Somehow Ivar got the key into the lock. When he rushed into the house, he found the place just the way he'd left it... 

Delilah hung the last flag... next month would be the Dominican Republic, Argentina, Greece and Romania... the month after that... vignette aside, this is worth mentioning, this house is an old nunnery! Very interesting.  

So that's a brief but intimate look at my weekend. Once again, thank you for reading. If you have any questions at all, feel free to contact me. 

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