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St. Marys, it's your turn!

So it was off to Stonetown, or St. Marys as it's more commonly known. 

Copied directly from Wikipedia: "The town is also known by its nickname, "The Stone Town", due to the abundance of limestone in the surrounding area, giving rise to a large number of limestone buildings and homes throughout the town. St. Marys Cement, a large cement producer founded in the town, capitalized on this close feedstock, and grew to be a major producer of cement in the province of Ontario."

I've been to this lovely town before, but I'm usually in a rush and don't get to look around too much. For such a little town, there was a ton to see! I didn't quite get through everything, I'll just have to get back there. 

The Main Street is wonderful, which is likely why I've never ventured behind the scenes. I'm a sewer (not a sewer where poop goes, a person who sews, a sew-er, such an unfortunate homonym), anyway, so I used to go to St. Marys because there was a great fabric store there. It's closed but now there's a bigger, better and more GORGEOUS one there! My favourite--Hyggeligt (when you go in, I'll let business owner, Chantal Lynch, explain the name to you!), it's fresh and new and beautiful! Here's her website: Hyggeligt

Here's her lovely building, wait until you see the inside--quilters--you will be in HEAVEN!

The COLOUR! Chantal and I were chatting and I was having a very hard time concentrating! Can you blame me?! Colour. Explosion. Sorry Chantal, what were we talking about?!

Anyway, after a quick visit at the fabric store... Off I went exploring... discovering some of the most beautiful houses and buildings I've ever seen. 

This fantastical house (above) stopped me in my tracks (I may have squealed out loud a little!). It is in amazing shape. So well loved and well maintained--and for sale, incidentally!! 

Robert sat calmly in his favourite damask chair... slowly he fell asleep... that's when he heard the tremendous crash! 

Max locked all the doors and turned out all the lights... another day done... 

This house (above) was amazing in person especially because the wood details were so fine and beautiful. The landscaping was also incredible. The people that own this house love this house... thank you for taking such great care of your beautiful, precious house. We all get to enjoy it. I'm thankful someone would prize such a wonderful work of art like this house. 

Sara Lee ironed the last sheet... her cat, Mittens, snuggled cozily into the pile of freshly washed, starched and ironed laundry...

Larry opened the letter slowly, he recognized the handwriting on the expensive looking paper envelope, he dreaded what was inside...  

And this little beauty?! Wow! Talk about love... if you look closely you can see not only a painted star on the surface of the porch but all the fine wooden gingerbreading on the house. Another work of art. 

This fella, whom I shall call Franklin, for the purposes of this blog (also cause I didn't ask his name!) saw me taking pictures of houses nearby and insisted that I take a photo of his house too--see how proud he is!! He was so very sweet. 

Louise felt a little nauseous... she rubbed her bulging belly happily and popped a soda cracker in her mouth...

I loved this round porch and the colourful paint. 

This place was immaculately taken care of. Major house pride here, I love it! We all benefit from house pride. 

Castle in the Bush--St. Marys Museum. Built from local limestone. Built in 1854. Beautiful building, and it looks new--I think those builders were onto something with limestone! I didn't have time to go in, but I'll go back and bring the kids, they'll love it!

I can't close off without showing this amazing building:

Crowning the Main Street is the fantastic town hall. Romanesque Revival. Built in 1891. Again with local limestone and red sandstone. What a building... oh St. Marys, thank you for being such beautiful town... I'll be back again really soon. 

Thanks for reading... have a wonderful weekend, I hope to be back next week with some more stories to tell and pictures to share. 

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