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The Spring Blooms Are Out (if you hadn't noticed)

... and I sure hope you have! This is truly the time of year to "stop and smell the roses (magnolias, crabapple and cherry blossoms, in this case)". You don't even have to bend down to smell them! Take a minute or two to stop and marvel at the wondrous blooms. 

That's one thing that's being said over and over again since I started my Take Pictures of ALLLLLL The Houses Project, people keep saying to me that they're stopping and looking at the architecture around them now. If I've done nothing else by starting this, this makes it worth it! A cousin from NYC (Hi Chana!), wrote me a note saying she was looking up and around more at the architecture--she sent me a drool-worthy photo of a Manhattan beauty! (See below)

Photo courtesy of my cousin Chana (edited by me)

Several people have written saying they have sore necks from all the craning and gaping. Yes! One goal achieved!!

Anyway, this time of year is so amazing wherever you are if you have spring blossoms. I found an exciting article saying The Beaches area of Toronto will receive its own: Cherry Blossom Tree Tunnels

I will, likely not, in my lifetime, get to see the cherry blossoms in Japan, so this could very well be the next best thing! But really, to give our beloved London, Ontario its due, we have some amazing trees here that would give anywhere else a real run for their money... I'm making sure that I'm out as much as possible enjoying them. 

Beautiful magnolia tree on Victoria Street. 

Gorgeous tree on Wellington Street near St. Joe's hospital. 

I can't remember the name of these little beauties (leave the name in the comments section if you know, please). In front of Lord Roberts French Immersion on Princess Avenue. 

This is my favourite tree in the city, on Princess Avenue. 

This is a sweet beauty, in front of a concrete wall by St. Joseph's Hospital on Wellington Street. I love the blooms up against the wall. It makes this tree look even more glorious. 

Here's a pic of my neighbour kitty, hangin' out in my garden. 

Anyway, take some time out this weekend and enjoy these gorgeous blossoms. Magnolias, cherry and crabapple blossoms don't last very long, it's a spectacular sight to see... have a great weekend, all, and once again, thank you for reading. 

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