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It's all Sunshine and Houses Until....

... well, until it rains again! Wow! Beautiful sunny bluest of blue skies... it's still very cold but I just love this sunny weather. It makes for stellar minimalist shots of modern buildings. The mirrored buildings, the yellowing limestone and sandstone blocks are gorgeous against the blue skies. And the mirrored buildings are a beautiful extension of those blue or cloud dappled skies. 

I love the reflection of the old in the new....

Sandstone and Glass. Built in 1957. 

A blue backdrop for houses also makes for a striking background. 

This blue-shuttered wonder was made to be photographed against a blue sky. 

Oh how I love the grey with pops of red!

This majestic beauty is lovingly maintained. 

This is perhaps my new favourite. 

This yellow beauty is just amazing. 

We had a week of pretty solid sunshine. I, for one, could not be more thankful! I hope you enjoyed this brief entry, I didn't have much to say but wanted share some of my photos with you. Thanks, as always, for taking the time to read. 

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